How to enter Product data into my POS, so it flows through Sqquid to my ecommerce efficiently?

This is a common question, and while you can enter product information into most of the POS systems directly, a lot of our most advanced users, find that it is easier,  for example, to add descriptions into Sqquid for all your products. We do map the style into the product type and we also pass the categories from the POS channels into tags on eCommerce channels.

So, short answer: As long as you enter those correctly in your POS, they will come through properly.

We recommend to build the core products in the POS (size runs, basic style, and descriptions as close to the end product as possible) that info will flow into Sqquid, where you can have your products show in a spreadsheet view (Our merchandizer). Then, you can work in batches and add descriptions, adjust product names, etc. Finally, when ready, push those products to the eCommerce by syncing those.