How do I setup Sqquid to update only Inventory and Pricing for my Shopify Website?

Many of our merchants choose to have Sqquid create their products for the first time in their ecommerce website and then limit updates flowing from their POS to the Ecommerce to only Inventory and Pricing.

Using Sqquid this way allows you to safely edit any product marketing data in your ecommerce while keeping prices and inventory in sync with your POS, thus preventing oversells and billing issues.


  1. A product needs to be set to Full Product Sync mode.
  2. The Shopify channel needs to be enabled.
  3. The product has to exist in Shopify already.

How can you properly set up the configuration settings for this setup?

  1. Into the channel section, click on Edit in your <Shopify Channel>
  2. Scroll down until the product settings section appears, as you can see in the image bellow

  1. Here, only ENABLE the next toggles under the outgoing update:
  • Attribute 1 VALUE
  • Attribute 2 VALUE

Please ensure that all the other fields located under that specific column are disabled.

This ensures that products can only be updated with inventory and price changes from your POS channel or Sqquid.

...Last, but not least:

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