How does Sqquid process my Shopify Orders?

At the moment the store is connected to your Sqquid account, and you can start receiving the orders created in real time.

How does this work?

When an e-commerce channel is connected to Sqquid. you can see the ACTIVE green badge added in the channels section. This is important so we can receive the information from the Shopify channel.

Once the channel is activated, any time a customer pays for an order on Shopify, we are immediately notified with all relevant information. This allows us to keep track of payment transactions in real-time, ensuring that we have up-to-date records and can take necessary actions promptly.

How can I see my orders?

After the settings are corrected, you can see the order come through to your Sqquid account in the orders section.

On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of all orders, along with their respective status updates. You can easily search for specific orders that have been created or returned by using the dedicated return button. Whether you're tracking the progress of an order or reviewing a returned item, this page provides a convenient and centralized location for all of your order management needs.

In case you want to view specific details of an order, follow the next steps:

  1. Search for a specific order in the search bar.
  2. The order will appear on the same page, then, click on the view button in the left corner of the order:

  1. A new page will be deployed will all the details added to the specific order. Any detail here can't be updated.

This page displays the POS receipt for the order for easy search in other systems.

...Last, but not least:

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate and contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.