How to find if Sqquid has automatically stopped syncing a product

When a product fails to be synced with one of your channels 3 consecutive times, Sqquid may turn off syncing for it to prevent further errors. This will happen when the cause of the error is directly related to the product itself and is not a general issue (such as your website being down, API rate limiting, etc.).

How do I know if Sqquid has turned off syncing for a product?

If you've received an email with the following subject, Sqquid may have turned off the syncing of one or more products due to errors.

Usually, you will see a breakdown of products that have failed identified by their Id in Sqquid

How can I fix the product data and turn sync back on?

Just follow these steps to re-enable syncing for a product:

  1. Take note of the Sqquid Product Id that appears in the email (as shown in the previous section)
  2. Go to Products > <your Channel> and click on the Search Button
  3. In the search dialog, type in the Sqquid Product Id inside the General Search box as seen below. Then hit "Apply"

  1. Once Sqquid has found the product, click on the "Edit" button.
  2. (Optional) Edit any data that you think needs to be corrected.
  3. Scroll to the right until you find the "Sync" column as seen below

  1. Enable the Sync box for the parent product and all variants you want to be synced.
  2. Hit the save button
  3. Wait for the changes to appear in your e-commerce

...Last, but not least:

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