How do RunIt products flow into Sqquid?

If you've already added and activated your POS channel, you may be wondering how products get in and out of Sqquid.

Initial steps

When you connect your channel to Sqquid, we will run an initial setup that pulls all the products with stock from your POS to Sqquid.

This will provide your Sqquid channel with all the necessary information about your products, including the parent product's variants and the quantity for each location that is added to your integration.

This process also runs every time you add a new product in your POS channel with stock or a new variant to a product that you have previously created.

Sqquid receives inventory from Runit by two types of mechanisms:

  • Inventory by location-enabled: RunIt pushes inventory by location data to Sqquid in real-time
  • Inventory by location disabled: we pull inventory from Runit in a hourly sync.

What is Inventory by Location?

RunIt and Sqquid can store and manage the quantities you have of each product at each one of your physical locations (warehouses, store locations, etc.)

Sqquid can share this information with your e-commerce websites.

On the eCommerce side, Inventory by Location is only supported by Shopify, Adobe eCommerce, Salesforce eCommerce.

Sqquid to eCommerce Product Flow:

  • Sqquid pushes product and inventory updates to your ecommerce sites in real time as events happen.
  • We also have systems in place to make this process is successful and your ecommerce is updated as soon as possible.

The speed at which products are uploaded to your Shopify channel depends on the number of products that are updated or created in your POS.

It's worth noting that Shopify has limits on the rate of API requests that can be processed per minute, which vary depending on the plan you've chosen.

Follow this link to consult the information:

We hope the process is clearer for you now.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate and contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.