Understanding Sqquid's Syncs

The simplest way to think about the syncs is as the way in which Sqquid communicates with your e-commerce channel. We have two types:

Full Sync:
This is the most flexible of both, it will allow choosing exactly the data (prices, description, quantities, and so on) you want to keep synced with your e-commerce. 

Inventory Sync:

When a product/s is set for inventory sync, we'll only push the quantities into your e-commerce channel.

When to choose one or the another?

There are 2 base criteria: 
a. When you are integrating Sqquid with an eCommerce that already had existing products in it. All pre-existing products must be setUp as Inventory Sync.

b. When you only need/want Sqquid to handle the quantities for your products.

Where is this setting?

a. If you want to set a Sync default for a eCommerce Channel:

1. Select the "Channels" section located in the left vertical menu (1) and then, click on the "Edit" option located in the Channel's row for which you want to select the default (2).

2. In the 'Default Product Sync Status' option, click on the dropdown (2) and choose the Sync you want as
b . If you want to set it a product level:

1. Access the channel that holds the product (1)  we need and click on the edit button (2):

2. For each product for which you want to define the sync type, click on the 'Sync Status' cell (this applies at the parent level) and choose between 'Full Sync' or 'Inventory Sync,' then, make sure the 'Sync' box is checked for the product's parent (3) and for all variants you want to keep in sync with your e-commerce (4).

Note: Keep in mind that whatever you set for a specific product will override whatever you had as a default, meaning: if you have the channel's default as 'Inventory Sync' and you set a product for 'Full Sync', said product's sync will be  'Full Sync'.

Wrapping it Up

There is still stuff to be done here, but you already finished the first steps which are fundamental in order to go deeper and get to the next level with us!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate and contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.