How to Connect BigCommerce and Sqquid?

1. Logged into Sqquid, go to the "Channels" section (1), and then scroll down to the eCommerce area and you'll see a BigComerce card (2), click on the "Add" button (3).

2. When you click on the 'Action' button in the last step, it will load a modal window, you should enter your BigCommerce primary domain (the name that customers see in the address bar while they browse your online store), this should look like this:

3. Once you've entered your store name and click on the Next button, you'll see a screen like this:

4. After you click IN the 'Add' button, this is the next screen you'll see:

5. Finally, you'll be redirected back to the Channels section, where you'll be able to see your Shopify store added to the 'Active Channels' area. This is how it looks:

...Last, but not least:

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