How to use Picking Lists?

What's a Picking List?

The picking list is the current list of order items or boxes that need to be shipped from a specific location. Ordered in a specific way to optimize the work related to the web order management at the store.

If you want to use your the Picking List feature, you'll only have to follow these steps:

1.   Once you've logged in to your Sqquid account, click on the 'Fulfillment' section located in the left vertical menu (1), and then you'll have to choose the location for which you need to generate the Picking List. To do so, click on the "All Locations" (2) button. 

2. Now, you'll see that appears a new  'Picking List' button on the screen (1). You'll also notice that every order in the list belongs to the same location you selected in the previous step. It should look similar to this:

3. If you click on the 'Picking List' Button (highlighted in the previous image), you'll see a new Screen. Its gonna look like this:

4. There are some interesting options on this screen for you:
    a. Mark items as Picked, using the 'Pick' button or by entering the SKU code in the bar. 
    b. Navigate through the items to pick, using navigation buttons.
    c. View Picked Items.
    d. Print the Picking List as a PDF.

    4a. We have 2 different ways in order to mark an item as 'Picked', we can use the 'Pick' button (2) located to the right of each item row or we can also type the SKU code in the 'Pick by SKU' bar (1). Here is a visual reference for both:

  4b. You'll able to navigate across your list of items by clicking on the 'previous' and 'next' buttons (1).

   4c. Once you've selected the items picked (4a), you can take a look at them by clicking the 'items picked' button (1), showed in the following image

    by clicking the 'items picked' button, you'll be scrolled down to the list of picked items (You can always go back up by clicking the 'Back to Top' button (1)). The picked item list should look like this:

Important Note: the items marked as 'Picked' will disappear from the picking list only when they get shipped. The idea of removing them from the list is to help you create the Picking List document as a PDF.

   4d. If you want to print  the items (not marked as 'Picked') in the Picking List, you'll only have to click on the 'Print' button, shown in this image:

    The next you'll see is your browser's PDF printing window with the document ready for you to confirm.