Defining Start date for fulfillment in Sqquid

In order to start using Sqquid for order fulfillment, you'll need to define a Fulfillment Start Date and from that day on, you'll be able to use the module capabilities. 

If you want to define when you start using Sqquid to fulfill your orders, you'll only have to follow these steps:

1.    Log in to your Sqquid account, click on the 'Settings' section located in the left vertical menu (1), and then click on "Fulfillment" (2). Once in the settings for fulfillment's page, click on the 'Fulfillment Start Date' input (3) and you're going to see a calendar unfold, where you'll have the possibility to set the date on which you want to start using Sqquid to handle the fulfillment.

Here we have explained everything related to how to configure the start date of the fulfillment management in Sqquid.

Wrapping it Up

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