How to Set Up Packing Slips in Sqquid?

What is a Packing Slip?

 A document that can be printed as a PDF and placed inside the box that ships with the order.

If you want to set up your Packing Slips, you'll only have to follow these steps:

1.   Once you're logged in to your Sqquid account, click on the 'Settings' section located in the left vertical menu (1)  and then click on "Fulfillment" (2). you'll be able to choose between our default packing Slip or creating a new one for a specific channel.

If you choose to use the default packing Slip, click on the 'Default' element (3) in the Packing Slips section of the image above. If you want to create a new Packing Slip for a channel, click on the element Packing Slips section with the '+' sign (4).

- If you selected the 'Default' option, You'll see something like this:

2.    In the screen related to the image above, you can edit the following elements of the Packaging Sleep:

a. Add / Remove logo.
b. Show the order number.
c. Show the barcode of the order.
d. Footer: insert as plain text or html

- If you rather create a new Packing Slip for a channel, then you'll see something like this:

for this option, you'll be able to edit all the elements mentioned above (2 - 5), but in this case, you can also select a specific channel (1) for this Packing Slip.

Here we have explained everything related to the first configurations for the packing slips.

Wrapping it Up

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate and contact us, and we'll get back to you ASAP.