Price Handling

In Sqquid you can choose to manage your prices in your POS, in Sqquid, or in your e-commerce (when provides the option). The system is really flexible. Here's a little bit on how to decide: 

1. If you choose to use your POS  (i.e. Runit) to manage prices, you can use their "Timed Sale Module" which means you can set up a sale, for example, All products from X brand 20% off Monday to Friday next week. Sqquid will capture that, and update all the prices and then again updates it back as it was before. 
2. You can manage prices in Sqquid - that's a little simpler just update the columns in the merchandiser tool. So this is more like managing excel spreadsheets. 
3. We can disconnect Sqquid, so then you manage prices in your eCommerce. Some of the most known eCommerce sites (i.e. Shopify) make it easy to manage prices as well with collections or by-products. 
If you are wondering which is the more typical scenario, most of our customers use option #1...but this will depend on your specific needs.