How to Connect Magento2 and Sqquid?

Once we have already set up a channel for our POS system, it is a good moment to add our Magento2 channel (If this is where we have our online store). The steps to make this connection are as follows:

1. Enter into your Magento2 admin page, and once in there. Select the 'System' option from the vertical menu, and then click on 'Integrations' (2).


2. Once you are in the 'Integrations' screen, click on the 'Add new Integration' orange button, located to the right. N|Solid

3. In the 'New Integration' screen, enter Sqquid for the integration name and then, your Magento2 admin password in the password field in the bottom of the form. N|Solid

4. The Next Step is selecting 'API' (1) from the "Basic Settings" Menu and select the 'All' option (2) N|Solid

5. If you have been following the previous steps, open up the options next to the 'Save' button (1) and click on 'Save & Activate' N|Solid

6. After you click the 'Save & activate', you'll see a screen with several API Options, dont worry about them and just click on the 'Allow' Button located to the right N|Solid

7. Now, you'll see a screen similar to the one above. You have to copy the 'Access Token', You'll need it in order to activate in integration into Sqquid. N|Solid

8. If you already have your Access Token, log in to Sqquid and go to the Channels Section (1). Find the Magento2 Ecommerce channel box (2) and click "+ Add" N|Solid

9. Once you are on the Magento2 creation page, fill in your server's Magento Url (2) and paste the token in the "Integration Access Token Field" (3). You can leave the rest of the fields in their default values unless you're doing an advanced installation.

Make sure to enable the channel's configuration (1)  before saving. N|Solid

Notice: If you start seeing integration errors on the syncs page or via email, it might be a sign of a problem with the mapping. Please visit the Magento2 Advanced Configuration section to learn how to troubleshoot issues or reach out to us.