How to pull Products from loyverse to sqquid?

If you have already added and activated your POS channel, you might be wondering how to trigger product ingestion from your POS. In Sqquid we have automatic product ingestion that runs once every hour, but if you ever need to manually trigger, this is how you can do it:

  1. Once you are logged into Sqquid, click on the 'Channels' section (1) and when it's loaded, click on the 'Update' button (2) located under the 'Action' column.

Build Status

2, When you click on the 'Action' button in the last step, it will load a modal window, with several options, which looks like this: Build Status

  1. Now, you should select the last option "All Products (!)" showed in the previous image, if you want to run full product ingestion from your POS system into Sqquid.

  2. Once the process is successfully triggered, you'll see a success message in the top right of the screen. Build Status

  3. And last but not least, you can confirm that your process completed without issues if you select the "Syncs" section (1)  and you see a row (2) recently created (yes, we include the date/time of creation for each process) with the column "status" with a green checkmark for the latest process named " products_import_loyverse". As an image can speak more than words, this step should look like this in the App:

Build Status

Important: This particular process (full sync) doesn't import products that have Qty = 0 in your POS system. On the other hand, you must have noticed in our modal that we have several other options related to products that were modified in a certain time-frame, this process (partial syncs) does ingest products with Qty = 0. Don't worry about what this "Type' process means, will write about it in another article.