How to enable Loyverse Channel in Sqquid?

As soon as you finish integrating your channel, you’ll notice that by default it is integrated as disabled. This gives you a chance to review the settings BEFORE the automation begins. This way we make sure that you are always in control of your channels. The steps we need to follow to make sure our Loyverse channel is actually enabled, are these:

  1. Once you're logged into Sqquid, select the "Channels" section located in the left vertical menu (1) and then, click on the "Edit" option located in Loyverse's channel row (2).

  2. Then, you'll be redirected to the edition screen for your Loyverse Channel and you'll able to activate it inside the Channel options (1), clicking on the "Enabled?" toggle (2): N|Solid

  3. And that's it, you are done :). It should look like this: N|Solid

Note: You'll see some other options for customizing your loyverse channel on this screen, but don't worry about it, we'll be covering each of them in the next articles.