Is it possible to configure Sqquid to show product variants as separate products on Shopify?

The case: So, imagine that you have that beautiful new t-shirt model that comes in 4 different colors and you would like the customer to see each on the main page and not have to scroll to be able to see them all. Is this "doable" in Sqquid?... What happens if you select only 2 of those colors on the POS to go into the Shopify Site when the syncs come in place? How would be the other colors be displayed?

Answer: Syncing products with Sqquid makes sure the same product structure from your POS will be reflected in Shopify. There are several structures, and we support most of them. Anyhow, in this case, it seems you have a product with both size and color variations and you might want to separate the colors. Sqquid will not automate this for you, however, we do have some viable options:

1. You can split the products manually on the Shopify site and switch the sync type in Sqquid to 'inventory only'. Cons: lots more manual steps and you lose price updates from your POS.

2. There might be Shopify apps that modify your category listings page to show all the colors even if they are within the same product. This seemed to have worked for numerous of our customers on Shopify. No Cons here from our perspective, just a bit more setup on the Shopify side.